Magnetic Hardware. Without Strike Plate.

Recessed Hinge. Without Door Casing. Drywall Detail.

Floating Wall. Without Baseboard. Drywall Detail.

Door Edge. Without Door Casing. Drywall Detail.

Floating Wall with recessed baseboard.


This custom feature door includes magnetic hardware with no strike plate, recessed hinge, No door casing and no baseboard drywall details.

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Linear diffuser air conditioning vent

Crown Molding with hidden light cove

Ceiling Beam


This custom kitchen ceiling features a linear diffuser air conditioning vent, beams and crown molding with hidden light coves.

Valveless Shower

Programmable Phone Alert when at desired temperature

Trough Linear Drain


This custom shower features a valveless shower with programmable phone alerts once the desired temperature is reached as well as trough linear drains.