No matter how crazy the world gets, here in southwest Florida we have a convenient place to go to forget about it all:  the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. With so many homes existing on the waterways that access the Gulf, the option of owning a boat is a worthwhile investment to go with your waterfront remodel or new construction. In order to best enjoy your time on the water, the importance of a quality boat dock is unsurpassed.

If you’re ready to upgrade your boating experience to match your gorgeous home, keep in mind that the best docks are a combination of its parts and pieces. There is the design of the dock itself, including how spacious you’d like it, as well as your boat lift choices and seawall upkeep and design. All of these things go into what will ultimately be your dream waterside experience.


Duane Thomas Marine, based on Marco Island, designs and recommends custom luxury boat docks that are much more than a place to store your boat. They use certified CertainTeed EverNew® PT decking, which is low maintenance and easy to clean, offering the rich, deep color palette of natural-looking wood grain with exotic, hardwood tones and grain patterns. This high-end look utilizes customized wood that is not only resistant to splinters, termites and decay, but can be built out as a gathering area large enough to hold seating, landscaping, as well as multiple boat lifts and kayak/canoe storage. Naples company Garland & Garland constructs customized docks as well to fit their customers’ needs and locations, using 3″ x 8″ .60 CCA framing with stainless steel marine hardware and fasteners to secure their decking. They also incorporate three outstanding types of deck wood for you to choose from, including Trex, IPE and Azek products, each of which designed to hold up the elements, last for a good 50 years and of course, give your dock that quality, upscale look you desire.

Floating dock systems are another choice in customizing your boat dock. A floating dock system allows for easy accessory attachment and detachment, along with gangways, ramps and bridges built into the design. An advantage of the floating dock system is that pieces can be added or taken out as needed or desired. Floating docks are typically available in aluminum, wood and fiberon materials.

Several add-ons will upgrade your dock remodel/construction as well, including a retractable dock ladder and boarding platform. Various lighting options are a nice touch, and include like underwater lighting (also known as snook lighting for saltwater locations, as it will attract that species of fish), and LED dock lights along the side for ease of docking at night. A fish cleaning table installed right on the dock takes that chore far away from the house, and a shore power station will provide power to your boat while it is docked with its main and auxiliary engines shut down. Piling caps and fenders nicely dress up those necessary dock components, along with a rope handrail for an extra touch.


Arguably the biggest investment in your water adventures, your boat deserves the best treatment, and southwest Florida’s Golden Boat Lifts are one of the premier companies to ensure that your boat gets in and out of the water safely and with ease. Their aluminum boat lift solutions feature stainless steel motors and are customizable for all sizes of watercraft. They also offer an elevator lift, where your boat sits on a section of docking, and the platform raises and lowers for ease of access.  Make sure to consider only those lifts built with the highest quality materials and assembled with expert design, providing secure lift operation for any size boat using stainless steel motors, quick adjust stainless steel cables, heavy duty guide poles, and aluminum pulleys with grease fittings.


An attractive, secure seawall will only increase your home’s resale value, as well as help to minimize shore erosion caused by flooding and monitor seasonal water level changes. The condition and stability of the seawall directly protects your property. A couple of popular options are concrete and vinyl seawall panels, as well as steel reinforced concrete seal caps, recommends Sarasota’s Atkin Marine Services.

Seawalls made from rock pilings , more commonly referred to as rip rap, are also an attractive preference, points out Gibson Marine Construction. Rip rap seawalls offer a natural look and if your dock is on fresh water, vegetation will usually grow through the rocks, adding aesthetic and structural value. The rocks will also dissipate waves that crash against the seawall, further preventing erosion. Another great reason for a rip rap seawall is that provides a habitat for marine life like crabs, oysters and marine vegetation.

When you’re ready to upgrade or install your boat dock, parts and accessories, give J. Sweet Construction a call for advice. We have 20 years of expert home remodeling and new construction experience to offer for your waterfront property, with honesty and integrity.